In May 1990: Established in Taipei City and was awarded the operation license . The capital amount is l million .

At first, Ceramic Capacitor the main product.

In 1991 : Set up a factory to produce Electrolytic Capacitor in Jan.13th1991 , and started to operate from May 1991 .

In 1992 : In January , established a business department in XinDian City and the department of account and

information were moved there at same time , increased the capital amount to 5 millions .

In 1993 : Planed to set up a factory to produce High Volt Electrolytic Capacitor at mainland , started from Aug . 1993.

In 1994 : Extend the factory in order to suffice all requirement of the customers .

In 1995 : Completed extending in February , and planned to set up a Low Volt Capacitor manufacture .

In 1996 : Completed setting up Low Volt Capacitor factory , we can Serve customers with complete set of products.

In 1997 : United low , mid , high Electrolytic Capacitor , and add up Equipment to serve customers . In July, Capital amount was increased to 60 million Yuan.

In 1998 : Extent business , Moved the factory at the beginning of 1998 .

In 1999 : To improve the quality of product , passed the certification of R.W.TUV ISO9002 .

In 2000 : Added 15 million Taiwan Dollar for equipment in order to strengthen the competitive power .

In 2001 : Strengthen the research and development of the electrolytic liquid, and the chemical material of spin-off, for the stability of raw materials and quality of capacitor.

In 2002 : Strengthen the needs of the business and customer, plan to establish mini , ultra-mini capacitor

production equipment and technology. Finish UKAS ISO9001 2000 edition .

In 2003 : In order to meet a more comprehensive demand of customer, at the beginning of this year our company produced small-scale capacitor formally. Due to the urgent need of talented person, therefore we collaborated with XING-SI Vocational School in WAN-NIAN County of Jiangxi Province under the guiding concept of the “the combination of education and practice”. We also carried out the management idea of "Give back to the society".

.In 2004 : We purchased Ripple testing meter to increase the product reliability. And the tendency of green environmental protection made "Unleaded manufacture process".

In 2005 Our product started to research and develop the products with long life, high frequency, low impedance and high Ripple Current for the customer demand

In 2006 The above products after the long-term experiment, only then started to make mass productions after the quality test. The company products completed the high-capacity, and high voltage research and development

In 2007 The experiment of high-capacity and high voltage products promoted successfully after access to the market, confirmed that the status of our company cannot be substituted in Electrolytic Capacitor

In 2008 The raw material price rise, while the selling price did not rise. In this circumstance., only then enhancing the product efficiency and production yield, then our company can strive for the survival

In 2009 Our company faced with bigger survival competition after the havoc of the the 'financial crisis'. In order to develop stably, on the one hand our company strengthening the internal management, on the other hand seeking the new customer.

In 2010 From this year, materials were in great shortage. The prices of raw materials are continuously increased, Thus, only increasing sales could achieve growth of performance.

In 2011 On the size of the products, we have succeeded in developing " dumpy " and " gangling "; At the same time, promoted the products with low-voltage and high voltage, so as to accord with user's demand.

In 2012 To expand the use of new equipment, improve production efficiency and increase the quality of reliability and stability. Renovated in the workshop, the customers have also been screened. providing more comprehensive and complete service to classify the customer, can increase the competitiveness of each other.

In 2013 For equipment replacement and production workshop to improve the production environment, including: noise, smell, temperature etc. are in line with the increasingly strict environmental standards.

In 2014 With the electrolytic capacitor being striven towards miniaturization continuously. In order to ensure the quality for high-end customer demand. Raw materials, especially aluminum foil and electrolytic paper still are imported from Japan and Germany.

In 2015 More and more difficulties in the market competition, the implementation of the "Free hugs" policy of suppliers and customers, once again raise funds to expand the living space